Changing my approach

Changing my approach

...for the blog, that is.

I'm actually quite proud with the road taken with the somewhat modular scripting tool box of mine, but I'm also aware it's not for everyone.

I tend to over-complicate things to suite my specific needs, and while things make sense to me, they will not necessarily make sense to others.

Also, other than myself, nobody (that I know of) is using this environment.

On top of all of this, I'm a terrible journal writer. While I adore the challenge of blogging, and I cherish the experience in writing it, I am at this time writing for an audience of one. I feel that chronicling my actions, after the passion has faded, seems to be a chore I'm not accustomed to take on.

And so I often neglect writing.

So I'm thinking of changing the approach, and not focusing on an audience, but on myself.

I mean, blogging as a concept, started by people who were journaling for themselves, but doing it openly, in the chance that someone else might be interested in reading or even participating.
There are probably hundred of thousands unread blogs out there, and  this one is probably no exception.

Instead of me announcing anything, it's just me musing for myself.

I am placing a public dare for myself here though: to re-read at least one random blog entry every month.